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Cable Internet Services

Network Data Solutions is well known as a “Business Class Cable Internet and Telecom Superstore” in Birmingham,  AL.  One of our many Business Class Cable Internet Solutions is from our Approved Internet and Voice Vendor

Save on Business Class Cable Internet, High-Speed Internet and Business Phone Services in Birmingham AL.  Business  Cable Internet is more than just fast Internet, it’s a business tool that makes your business more productive, and efficient. With speeds up to 150Mbs, we are able make those important files download quicker, so your business flows in a high efficient manner.

Just some features that are included.

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
  • No Data Limits
  • Web Hosting
  • IP Gateway
  • Off-Site And Mobile Access


Our three tiered purpose is to maximize client profits, compromise nothing and provide an unparalleled level of service. 

Here’s what we will do for your business:

  • Comprehensive bill analysis
  • Summary and Optimization report focused on your business goals and needs
  • Multiple quotes from 1st tier carriers we encourage competition to win your business
  • Ordering, fulfillment and implementation support
  • Follow-up bill audit
  • Annual services review
  • Complete portfolio of voice, data, long distance and VoIP products
  • Strategic and tactical consult geared to business growth
  • Bill consolidation services
  • Strategic alliances with parallel industries and access to our approved vendor list


Network Data Solutions is a local Birmingham, AL business and business advocate.  The connections that we have in the IT world are with the best known names in the industry.  Our partnerships with these national and local companies can shave $1,000′s of dollars off your current teleco bills every month.

Take a few minutes and tell us about your company, so we can assist you with finding solutions that are better suited to your business productivity needs and bottom line.

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