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Complete Cloud

Cloud Solutions in Birmingham, AL
Our Cloud Solutions offers the industry’s most robust enterprise cloud solutions powered by state-of-the-art data centers throughout the nation.  In addition, our Cloud Services include robust, enterprise-class Small Business Cloud, Dedicated Cloud, and Complete Cloud options to meet your computing, storage, security, business continuity and disaster recovery needs.

Complete Cloud Solutions in Birmingham, AL. 

Complete Cloud from Network Data Solutions is a cloud computing solution that blends and maximizes the best features of a multi-tenant Small Business cloud and a dedicated or collocation cloud environment.  A custom Complete Cloud solution is ideal for mission-critical applications for businesses with regulatory compliance and security demands who don’t want to run their whole application environment in the cloud—but want to leverage the scalability, flexibility and cost savings of Small Business cloud solutions for non-mission critical applications. 

Complete Cloud is Flexible

Complete Cloud offers a single, flexible and more versatile hybrid environment powered out of our enterprise-class data centers.  With a Complete cloud option, you can leverage our cloud for web front-end computing power and other resources like network, firewall, load balancing and web servers.  Cross-connect existing back-end resources such as databases and other supporting applications to the cloud for greater flexibility.  In addition, this service can also cross connect cloud computing resources directly into your environment to handle overflow situations such as seasonal spikes that require increased compute capacity. 



Cloud Highlights

  • Complete cloud configurations provide optimal security with mission-critical applications and data securely operating in a dedicated private cloud.
  • Complete cloud configurations optimize use of IT resources and IT spend, lowering OpEx costs with scalable, secure public cloud services for non-mission critical applications.
  • Traditional dedicated environments cross-connected to a cloud environment, creating a single, more versatile environment.
  • Businesses that want the benefits of a cloud while maintaining the ability to meet requirements which include the use of a physically separate environment.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance such as SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, and PCI
  • Meeting high performance requirements of certain database environments such as large CPU and storage demands.
  • Adding additional capacity when existing physical infrastructure have not depreciated Overflow burst capacity.