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Small Biz Cloud

Cloud Solutions in Birmingham, AL
Our Cloud Solutions offers the industry’s most robust enterprise cloud solutions powered by state-of-the-art data centers throughout the nation.  In addition, our Cloud Services include robust, enterprise-class Small Business Cloud, Dedicated Cloud, and Complete Cloud options to meet your computing, storage, security, business continuity and disaster recovery needs.

Small Business Cloud from Network Data Solutions is a cloud computing solution built on a massively scalable, multi-tenant infrastructure, providing access to a secure, enterprise-class cloud environment with built-in features ensuring high availability. 

The Small Business Cloud is the ideal solution for businesses that want high elasticity and flexibility on demand—but at a lower cost and without CapEx outlays.

Small Business Cloud Resources in Birmingham, AL.
Small Business Cloud, IT resources—applications, compute, storage, and networking—are securely delivered as a service, deploying infrastructure capacity on demand, on a shared multi-tenant platform.  In addition, run our Small Business cloud environments without over subscription to ensure critical applications have ample resources available at all times.  We leverage VMware features that allow us to automatically balance and migrate workloads across multiple physical hosts without disruption, ensuring the best possible performance.  Rather than buying costly, cumbersome individual servers, you have access to our state-of-the-art infrastructure, powered from our enterprise-class data centers for agile, efficient processing, storage, networking and security.




Small Business Cloud Highlights:

  • High end, high availability (HA) infrastructure
  • Rapid scalability to respond to business demands
  • Supports multiple Operating Systems (OS)
  • Robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • High performance storage with both EMC and NetApp solutions
  • Individual node uptime reliability
  • Lower costs

Small Business Cloud Best suited for:

  • Any application requiring high performance, security, scalability and availability
  • CRM, email, collaboration and non-mission critical applications
  • Production environments
  • Additional servers, storage, and backup infrastructure
  • Applications testing, development and quality assurance