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Cloud Storage

Cloud Solutions in Birmingham, AL - Our Cloud Solutions offers the industry’s most robust enterprise cloud solutions powered by state-of-the-art data centers throughout the nation.  In addition, our Cloud Services include robust, enterprise-class Small Business Cloud, Dedicated Cloud and Complete Cloud options to meet your computing, storage, security, business continuity and disaster recovery needs.

Cloud Storage and Security in Birmingham, AL
Network Data Solutions is Birmingham’s Business Advocate on all things related to Telecom.  We have approved vendors that offer a perfect rate per business need and budget.  That said, our Cloud Storage and Security is a on-demand Cloud Storage, that gives you complete control over the storage, distribution and retrieval of data. Spend less and store more with flexible, scalable data storage solutions in the cloud.   

Cloud Storage and Security Solutions in Birmingham, AL
Network Data Solutions offers Cloud Storage and Security Solutions for Birmingham, AL businesses that are cost-efficient solutions that eliminate the need to invest in expensive data storage infrastructure.  Our Cloud storage supports businesses with key data storage, security and protection functions such as replication, backup/restore, data archiving, disaster recovery, data and application mobility, data availability/security and elastic capacity.   

Cloud Storage in Birmingham, AL  

  • Eliminate up-front capital expenditures on hardware
  • Avoid ongoing operating expense on maintenance of equipment
  • Pay-for-what-you-use pricing includes data storage capacity, IT network and security services
  • Get cost-effective data retention by supplementing your other storage systems

Cloud Storage Convenience in Birmingham, AL

  • Implement data storage, distribution and retrieval services quickly and efficiently
  • Retrieve or upload anywhere, anytime from any device connected to the Internet
  • Specify data storage criteria through a web service’s API, allowing you to access and modify your cloud storage capacity on demand
  • Rapidly deploy additional storage as needed


Cloud Storage Efficiency in Birmingham AL

  • Meet peak data storage demand without over provisioning
  • Use additional cloud storage capacity without additional planning or integration
  • Expand data storage as needed in real time with adaptive data storage
  • Specify location of data, which helps meet performance objectives and regulatory compliance
  • Our Data Center Cloud Storage provides key data storage and security solutions

Cloud Storage Security in Birmingham AL

  • Gain enterprise-grade network security features
  • Experience 99.9% availability of data, backed by your service-level agreement
  • Control distribution of data with pre-defined storage policies

Cloud Storage Technology in Birmingham AL

  • EMC Atmos platform provides the foundation to efficiently manage, protect and store distributed, unstructured content at scale.
  • CloudArray™ from TwinStrata is a storage gateway appliance leveraged to enable organizations to instantly expand data storage capacity securely using one or more cloud storage providers.
  • Our enterprise-class data centers power our Cloud Storage, combining massive scalability and unparalleled flexibility with automated data placement, delivering content and information anywhere in the world through a standard interface.