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T1 Internet

Our Birmingham Businesses are delighted with our Dedicated T1 Solutions for their business productivity for Internet Access. A Dedicated T1 Internet Solutions is custom fitted to each individual business to support their internet related applications, productivity, efficiencies and the most important it’s reliability!

The reason for having a dedicated internet access service for a business is simple.  It is dedicated.  This means your business can do all that it needs with the speed you pay for.  A undedicated internet service simply means that your business is sharing the throttled bandwidth with all your business and residential homes on one node. 

Dedicated Internet access allows your business to:

  • Connect on-site Web, email and DNS servers and other business-critical applications
  • Securely upload large files and share data between locations
  • Conduct video conferences
  • Run web-based applications
  • Stream video
  • Provide multi-site access and much more


With T1 Dedicated Internet Access, businesses have the highest level of performance delivered over our highly dependable and redundant infrastructure with 24-hour network monitoring and customer support.  

Dedicated Internet Features

  • Consistent broadband solution: The same speed is available to your business 24 x 7.
  • TDM handoff: Dedicated Internet access delivered via a range of T1, multiple T1s, or higher speed SONET circuits.
  • Reliable, robust network: We offer best-in-class IP networking solutions engineered to deliver the speed and dependability businesses require.
  • Local support: Locally-based technicians and 24 x 7 tech support can provision or upgrade your service quickly.