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Managed Network Services

Network Data Solutions, Inc. provides exceptional service and solutions to Birmingham Businesses when it comes to Enterprise Network Services.  Our Enterprise Network Services and Solutions, cover a wide variety of issues revolving around keeping a reliable, secure and productive network for businesses, organizations and facilities.  Our Enterprise Network Services for Birmingham, AL area networks include managed network security, manage LAN/WAN, advanced application reporting, MPLS VPN, private lines, secure remote access, unified communications, integrated VoIP, and SIP Solutions, dedicated internet, dedicated Ethernet internet, dedication t1, dedicated wireless back ups, web security, email security, integrated VoIP and so much more!

MPLS VPNVLS MPLS Networking Solutions with Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Virtual LAN Service (VLS) options provides businesses with multiple business locations, fast and secure network connections.  MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) dynamically allocates bandwidth among voice, networking and Internet/data applications to maximize network performance.

Secure Remote Access - Secure Remote Access terminates to a concentrator, residing in the cloud on the our network, assuring maximum availability for your remote users.  It’s a redundant solution that does not rely on equipment at your premises, so remote users can connect at any time, from anywhere with an Internet connection—even if one or more offices on your MPLS VPN network is down.  With our Managed Router, Secure Remote Access and a 3rd party Internet connection, you can maximize uptime.


Advanced Application Reporting - Advanced Application Reporting (AAR) provides enterprise-wide visibility into the composition of Wide Area Network (WAN) traffic.  AAR provides detailed traffic metrics reporting through a secure web portal to identify users or applications consuming resources.  Identify congestion and trends to size network capacity, make informed infrastructure investments and optimize network connectivity.

Private Line - Private line network service provides high-speed, point-to-point connections using a dedicated, private transmission path to securely transmit and transfer mission-critical, confidential data, records or imagery from site to site. Private Line is your dedicated circuit, so it’s always available while you also avoid high-traffic congestion that can slow access and transmission on the public Internet.