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Managed Services

Network Data Solutions, Inc. provides exceptional service and solutions to Birmingham Businesses when it comes to Dedicated and Managed Services.  Our Dedicated hosting services are perfect for servers and storage.  Our  Managed Hosting Services cover Internet, colocation, content distribution network, network equipment, storage, email, security load balancing, middleware, OS, databases and even remote back ups.  Our Data Centers are staffed 24/7 with Seasoned Network Engineers to take care your business around the clock!


  • Managed Internet  Our Managed Internet solutions oversee the wide array of variables when it comes to the management of your preferred Internet connection.  Read More -]
  • Managed Network Equipment  Network Data Solutions takes care of our customers Network Equipment.  Our Certified Network Engineers will take care of all the configure, management and monitoring  of an assortment of equipment, including our Partner’s hardware and software – We are an Authorized Partner of Allworx. Integrate Allworx-branded phones, phone systems, phone system software and network switch gear and equipment into your network today. Read More -]
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN) Enjoy a full suite of CDN solutions leverage the next-generation technologies to simplify your content delivery and acquire the latest content formats. Read More -]
  • Managed Storage Ask about our Managed Storage Services with Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) provides massively scalable, high-performance storage management including managed data replication and data deduplication solutions, improving data storage and access for your enterprise. Read More -]
  • Email Hosting & Archiving Let us manage all your email for you.  Using our services enables a contact center, helpdesk and customer service teams to intelligently and efficiently route and process your inbound emails and Web forms. Read More -]



  • Managed Security Our Managed Security Services, delivered from enterprise-class data centers, integrate and unify firewall, multi-factor authentication, intrusion detection and other security services into custom solutions to safeguard your business, improve IT security, and free your IT staff and resources for other business-critical IT needs. Read More -]
  • Load Balancing Our load-balancing platform backed by 24 x 7 x 365 support boosts server efficiency, throughput and response time. Read More -]
  • Middleware/OS/Database Management Experience the efficient way to get peak operating system performance, end-to-end support of your application environments and expert care for your mission-critical database applications. Read More -]
  • Managed Remote Backup Utilize an onsite backup device alone or in conjunction with dedicated or shared hardware located in our Data Center.  Read More -]