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Advanced Application Reporting

Network Data Solutions, Inc. provides exceptional service and solutions to Birmingham Businesses when it comes to Enterprise Network Services.  Our Enterprise Network Services and Solutions cover a wide variety of issues revolving around keeping a reliable, secure and productive network for businesses, organizations and facilities.  Our Enterprise Network Services for Birmingham, AL area networks include managed network security, manage LAN/WAN, advanced application reporting, mpls vpn, private lines, secure remote access, unified communications, integrated VoIP, and SIP Solutions, dedicated internet, dedicated ethernet internet, dedication t1, dedicated wireless back ups, web security, email security, integrated voip and so much more!


Advanced Application Reporting provides detailed traffic metrics AAR collects, formats and displays WAN performance statistics into numerous reports with real-time and historical utilization and performance metrics and data that reflect activity—using default intervals like last hour, last day and last week. 

This value-added solution gives you detailed reporting metrics of your traffic patterns and aids with support, troubleshooting, new application deployment and bandwidth planning to proactively monitor your network to optimize infrastructure and performance.


Advanced Application Reporting Benefits

  • Identify congestion and trends to size network capacity
  • Manage your reports via an easy-to-use web portal
  • Generate or schedule email delivery of reports
  • View reporting on numerous sites in a single interface
  • Make more informed WAN environment investments