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Private Line

Network Data Solutions, Inc. provides exceptional service and solutions to Birmingham Businesses when it comes to Enterprise Network Services.  Our Enterprise Network Services and Solutions cover a wide variety of issues revolving around keeping a reliable, secure and productive network for businesses, organizations and facilities. Our Enterprise Network Services for Birmingham, AL area networks include managed network security, manage LAN/WAN, advanced application reporting, mpls vpn, private lines, secure remote access, unified communications, integrated VoIP, and SIP Solutions, dedicated internet, dedicated ethernet internet, dedication t1, dedicated wireless back ups, web security, email security, integrated voip and so much more!

Private Line Network Service provides Dedicated, Point-to-Point Connections

Private Line network service provides the high-speed, dedicated, point-to-point connections you need for fast, secure data transfer to safeguard vital information.

With Private Line network service, you can easily handle critical applications:  bulk data transfer, disaster recovery, distance learning, engineering, video conferencing and more.

Our proactively monitored network assures unsurpassed reliability giving your business maximum dependability and unmatched security you can’t get from the public Internet.


Private Line Benefits

  • Secure multi-location collaboration: Communicate between your multiple business locations faster and more securely—keeping sensitive information secure with private connectivity.
  • Instant data transmission:  Securely transmit mission-critical data, such as point-of-sale information, banking transactions, patient records, corporate or government documents, while avoiding bottlenecks on the public Internet.
  • Always available:  Private Line is your dedicated circuit, so it’s always available.
  • Regulatory compliance:  Ensure your compliance with financial, medical, personal and other privacy regulations like HIPAA by securely transferring confidential data, records or imagery from one site to another or for disaster recovery.
  • High-resolution video transmission:  Use a Private Line network to support your high-resolution video transmissions capabilities to enable distance learning.