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Hosted Web Security Solutions

Our Automated Hosted Web Security Solution is a cloud-based Hosted Web Security service.  It is unnecessary to purchase hardware or software.  Our Web Security Solution will automatically block spyware, phishing scams, viruses and malware before they reach your network.  We maximize your web browsing security with continuous updates, enforced Internet usage policies and reputation-based filtering, all through a scalable subscription.

Hosted Web Security Benefits

  • Continuous Updates:  Protect your whole network, even roaming users, against fast-changing web security attacks such as malware, spyware and phishing.
  • Enforced Internet Usage Policies:  Provide visibility into web usage through detailed reports by user or group.
  • 100+ Content Categories:  Allow flexible content control to help protect your business against legal liability.
  • Scalable Subscription:  Ensure you never have to feel the pain of augmenting infrastructure during times of expansion or contraction.
  • True Reputation-Based Filtering:  Guarantee your network, users and company’s private information are safe from emerging web threats.



Advanced Application Reporting provides detailed traffic metrics AAR collects, formats and displays WAN performance statistics into numerous reports with real-time and historical utilization and performance metrics and data that reflect activity—using default intervals like last hour, last day and last week. 

This value-added solution gives you detailed reporting metrics of your traffic patterns and aids with support, troubleshooting, new application deployment and bandwidth planning to proactively monitor your network to optimize infrastructure and performance.


Hosted Web Security Features

  • User, group and/or company-wide
  • URL filtering Web content, category and URL-specific block/allow capabilities
  • Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP integration
  • Advanced filtering support for Web 2.0 Spyware blocking Triple virus and worm scanning
  • Mobile user policy support Fraud, phishing and malware protection
  • Automatic, continuous web security updates
  • Granular reporting and forensic capability