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Software Facts

What is the Software Upgrade Key and why do I need it?
On all Allworx servers, after installing software release 7.1, any subsequent upgrade to a newer software release will require that the Allworx server have a valid software upgrade key.  This new policy becomes a requirement only after release 7.1 is installed on the Allworx server.  It is not required for any installed Allworx system until such time as it is upgraded beyond 7.1.

What if I have a server running an earlier version than 7.1 and I want to install a release beyond 7.1? 
A server cannot “leapfrog” to a release beyond 7.1 without first installing 7.1. Successful deployment of 7.1 requires a completely new build of the database so all servers must first install 7.1 before they can then upgrade to any newer release.  Once the upgrade to 7.1 is complete, it cannot be upgraded to a release beyond 7.1 without a valid software upgrade license key.

How do you handle bug fixes?
Allworx strongly encourages all customers to have a valid software upgrade key in order to take advantage of any subsequent release that additionally include bug fixes.  Should it be determined that a significant operational issue requires a unique build or a time‐critical patch, Allworx reserves the right to determine the proper resolution under a separate program.  This would be an exception to the normal software upgrade license.

What happens when I buy a new server?
When your server is installed, it automatically includes a license to upgrade the server software to the latest version within the first 90 days.  That ensures you get the most up-to-date features and benefits.  During this 90-day period, you can select from multiple support options to add hardware warranty and software upgrades to lock in your costs and minimize any financial exposure.

What are my options?
Within the first 90 days of purchase of a server from us, your Authorized Allworx Partner, you can purchase one of two options; a 4-year extended hardware warranty, or a combined 5-year software license and hardware warranty bundle.  The combined option offers the best value.  If you do not initially purchase either of these options, but desire to upgrade your server software after the initial 90 days, a 1-year anytime software upgrade license is available, along with a 1 year hardware warranty with software upgrade license bundle.

Do I have to order sequential one year plans if a server has been installed for multiple years?
Unlike many other plans, you do not need to purchase incremental 1 year plans to equal the number of years the server has been in service.  If you originally installed a server in 2010 and want to upgrade a server in 2013, only a single 1 one-year anytime software key is required.

Does this change the warranty program available for the phones?
No. The phone warranty pricing is not affected with this program.  The software upgrade license is tied to the server, meaning that there are no restrictions to downloading the latest phone firmware once the Allworx server boots with the new revision of software.

If the Software Upgrade Key is purchased, will any new feature keys be covered under the Key?
A software upgrade key allows you to upload any version of system software that is released by Allworx, but does not automatically include any new optional feature keys that may be additionally offered with that release.  The server can upload the new system software that supports a new feature key, but you must also order that feature key and activate it in order to utilize that new feature.