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Warranty  & Upgrades

Allworx Extended Hardware Warranty

WarrantyEvery Allworx system starts with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.  Allworx offers an optional 4 year Extended Hardware Warranty for the Allworx 48x system, 6x system, 6×12 system, Px 6/2 Expander, PowerFlex switches and the Allworx family of phones (9224, 9212L, 9204, 9204G, 9202e and Tx 92/24).  This expands the standard 1-year warranty to a full 5 years.

The Extended Hardware Warranty covers you from any unexpected equipment issues and replacement expenses.  Having an Allworx Extended Hardware Warranty included with all your purchases gives you extra added security.  An Extended Hardware Warranty can be added to a system within the first 90 days of purchase.

The most robust protection is a combined Extended Hardware Warranty & Software Upgrade Key Package.  The combined package is available as a 5 year package to be purchased within the first 90 days following your server purchase – or it is also available as a 1 year combined package that can be purchased at any time.  Not only is there a cost savings with the combined security, but you will have all the features to keep your system and your business ahead of the competition.

Allworx Software Upgrade Key

UmbrellaThe Allworx Software Upgrade Key offers the best way to keep your system software up-to-date. With the Software Upgrade Key, you have the peace-of-mind that your Allworx system has access to all the newest system capabilities as they become available.

The Software Upgrade Key can be issued as a one year plan, a bundled Software Upgrade Key and Extended Hardware Warranty package as a 5 year plan, or the same bundled package as a 1 year plan.  The 1 year plans can be purchased at any time while the 5 year bundled plan must be purchased within the first 90 days following purchase of the server.  Software upgrades include system software only, any new key options introduced in conjunction with a release will be available as optional features.

For complete peace-of-mind and the lowest cost to your customer, combine the Allworx Extended Hardware Warranty with the Allworx Software Upgrade key and have complete and total protection in one package.