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HD Conferencing

Network Data Solutions excels at bringing our clients together with their customers from multiple locations across the world.

Our HD Conferencing Solutions are geared for businesses, organizations and/or large facilities that require a HD Video Conferencing Solutions to bring their productivity and efficiencies to real time in today’s world of technologies and methods of communication standards.

HD Video Conferencing is video-over-IP solutions that allows your company to collaborate in real time with HD  video.


  • Our HD Conferencing lowers bandwidth usage and is comparable in cost to other HD Services.
  • Our HD Conferencing Services is perfect for Birmingham businesses, organizations and facilities that require a quick face to face conference.
  • We provide a secure connection, low bandwidth, low cost solutions when it comes to communicating from different boardrooms, locations, time zones. 
  • We stream live HD video for our clients that connect to a conference session via multiple mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and more. 


HD Video Conferencing Benefits


  • HD video quality with reliable VoIP connectivity Quickly and easily connect various stakeholders or a distributed workforce
  • Facilitate more efficient, effective communications and collaboration.  Deliver a consistent message across the your distributed organization
  • Cost-effective training solutions Improve productivity and job satisfaction
  • Reduced travel costs and carbon dioxide emissions