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Hosted Interactive Voice Services

Network Data Solutions offers Hosted Interactive Voice Services to Birmingham, AL Businesses, Organizations and Facilities.  Try our Hosted Interactive Voice Response and Enhanced Toll-Free Service platform which provides advanced features and premium tools for you to effectively manage your business and your toll-free communications in real time.

  • Superior Call Routing:  A multitude of call treatments are available based on such criteria as geography, time, type of caller, percent allocation, call distribution, network queuing and network transfers.  A single toll-free number can ring to any 10-digit number, an existing number or a newly created “vanity” number.
  • Hosted Voice Integration:  A network-level voice interactive system presents a clear and consistent message to your callers.  It’s possible to provide automated information, elicit caller responses or guide callers to the correct recipient in an efficient manner.
  • Online Visibility & Control:  Gain insight into your callers’ behaviors by population or by individual with Web-based account management and analysis tools.  You can quickly implement changes to your routing schemes online to support sound business decisions.
  • Custom Invoice Options:  Assign costs according to your needs—segmented by where the call originated and what options the caller chose.


  • Robust Functionality:  Enhanced Toll-Free routes every call to the right individual.Cost Control:  There are no upfront equipment costs or maintenance contracts

    Enhanced Toll-Free network-level solution.

  • Greater Efficiency:  In times of high call volume, you can offer your callers the option to request a call back.  Intuitive features to handle credit card transactions and conference transfers further increase your efficiency.

  • Seamless Growth:  Every application—even virtual call centers—can grow seamlessly across an intelligent network.